Calling Home is an audiovisual project based on the personal experience of twin sisters Gema and Mònica del Rey Jordà (Art al Quadrat) who will be separated in the week of the recidency. During this period Gema will sojourn in Kassel where she will live Documenta 13 and all the parallel activities. Meanwhile Mònica will remain in Sagunt, their hometown, preparing her PhD thesis on twin artists.

During the small separation we will correspond daily via online video letters in which we will establish a dialogue leading to new audiovisual works that recount our parallel days. These letters are the umbilical cord linking the two episodes.

The project is a version of twin sisters’ work At a Distance of 2143 km. Return Journey. It was created in 2009 and it was a work in process that had been produced over a four-month period, during which time and according to plan a tape had travelled (by post) five times from Vienna to Sagunt and four times from Sagunt to Vienna (spending two weeks in each place for the reply to be produced). The nine journeys correlate with nine audiovisual excerpts that last between three and seven minutes each and which reflect the contrasting summers of Vienna and Sagunt.


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